Ambox stamping is a method whereby coil or strip stock material is fed between an upper and lower die.  With each stroke of the press, the material advances through the die – which has successive operations in each station to form one or more features of the part.  Ambox  progressive stamping die may have several stations to form a complete part.  While there may be a substantial investment in upfront hard tooling, the labor cost is very little.  Depending on the size and tonnage of the mechanical press and size of the part, the die may be able to produce anywhere between 600 and 2000 parts per hour.

Ambox has state-of-the-art facilities to meet all of your multi manufacturing stamping needs. We manufacture quality parts accurately and economically every time. Ambox progressive stamping is one of the most common types of metal stamping processes and we have a variety of materials, production capabilities, and warehousing services for all of your metal stamping applications.

Progressive stamping offers:

  • An assortment of stamping shapes or impressions at once.
  • Minimal material handling- thus reducing overall cost.
  • Efficient and cost-effective manufacturing.
  • Offers high-speed production
  • Operates to close tolerances
  • Can produce multiple parts per stroke

Ambox presses are coil fed, with mechanical presses ranging from 30 Ton to 400 Ton.